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Mary Howley Ryan, MS, RDN, CEDRD, LD
Master of Science in Food & Nutrition, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian in Wyoming and Idaho

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The longer I work in nutrition, the more convinced I become that for the healthy person all foods should be delicious.



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Classes & Programs

Individual Nutrition Counseling

Individual nutrition consultations are the best way for you to learn about your personal nutritional needs. When you hear or read about various nutrition recommendations or advice, you don't really know if it applies to you. Sure, you may be experiencing some symptoms that the advice claims to address but your medical history, lifestyle choices, food preferences, etc. are not taken into account. An individual consult is one of those times when it truly is all about you.

Whether your initial Beyond Broccoli individual nutrition consult is in person or by phone, prior to the consult you will fill out a client intake form that asks about your lifestyle, including diet, water intake, physical activity, sleep and stress. It also includes personal and family medical history and medications, supplements, symptoms you are experiencing that may have a nutritional component, your reasons for seeking nutrition advice, and your goals for the nutrition consult. This information will be discussed in detail during your initial consult and help to determine what your most pressing nutritional needs are.

The amount of time it takes to make nutritional changes varies dramatically depending upon your goals and how ready you are to make changes. Beyond Broccoli is sensitive to the fact that you are busy and that most insurance companies still do not reimburse for nutritional counseling despite the excellent research that supports its importance. For these reasons we offer both phone and email follow up services to make ongoing work easy and affordable. All initial consults must be done face to face or by phone. Email can be used once a plan is established for follow up nutrition coaching. This is the process that supports the actual changes discussed in the consult.

Family or Couples Nutrition Consult

Beyond Broccoli works with families and couples who wish to make nutritional changes together. This is especially important for children that need to make dietary changes since they do not make the major food decisions in the house (grocery shopping, cooking, etc.). It is also helpful if your significant other needs to make nutritional changes for health reasons but is not ready to do so alone. The support of making household changes increases the chance changes will be made successfully for the long term.

Preparation for a family or couples consult is the same as described above for individual consults except each person involved will fill out a separate intake form and we will focus on individual and group goals in session.

  • Individual Consult
  • Phone Consultation
  • Family/couple Consult
  • Online Nutrition Coaching follows an individual office or phone consult. Rates vary. Typically a monthly fee.

Kitchen Consult (or pantry makeover) 

Eating well requires thought and planning. If you know what to have on hand, where to get it and what to do with it, more than half the battle is over. Kitchen consultations with Beyond Broccoli are a great way to go through what you have in your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer and determine which foods are interfering with your nutrition goals. You will not be reprimanded or judged based on whats in your kitchen just educated about ways to substitute healthier foods in ways you will enjoy and given ideas about how to transform your kitchen into a place that supports good health and still has lots of tasty options. Remember at Beyond Broccoli good food that you enjoy is just as important as how nutritious it is.

  • Kitchen Consult - two hours

Grocery Store Tours

The grocery store can be confusing with every package bearing bold health claims and difficult-to-read ingredient lists. Grocery store tours are a great way to ask all of those questions you think about each time you reach for something and wonder is this really healthy? This is also a great educational opportunity for kids and families.

  • Individual Grocery Store Tours - tours are typically 1 hours or more

Restaurant & Grocery Store Consulting

Beyond Broccoli also offers menu consulting and development for restaurants as well as computerized nutritional analysis of recipes. With nearly twenty years of restaurant experience, in addition to food management and food chemistry requirements as part of the Registered Dietitian training, Beyond Broccoli combines practical experience with nutrition and food knowledge to help restaurants better serve their health conscious clientele.

Beyond Broccoli is also currently a consultant to the independently owned Jackson Whole Grocer in Jackson, Wyoming. This grocery store integrates conventional and organic foods and strives to incorporate local and regional foods. Beyond Broccoli is involved in these efforts as well as developing nutrition education materials for customers and offering food and cooking demonstrations periodically. Beyond Broccoli also provides new recipes and assists the deli department with modifying existing recipes to improve the nutritional value without sacrificing taste and consumer acceptability.

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